The premade Standcup Pouch from Glenroy provides a sustainable option for rigid plastic bottles. This squeezable honey packaging provides gravity-fed, no-drip, sustainable packaging for Nate’s 100 percent pure, raw, and unfiltered honey. 

According to Glenroy, compared to traditional honey bottles, production of the premade Standcup Pouches uses approximately 60 percent less plastic, consumes roughly 71 percent less water, produces about 50 percent less CO2 emissions, uses approximately 44 percent less fossil fuel during transportation and contributes roughly 20 percent less landfill waste. Cosmetic Container

Glenroy develops sustainable honey packaging | Labels & Labeling

Becca May, senior vice president of marketing at Nate’s, said: ‘It’s exciting to see our customers migrate to the new pouch format and introduce our high-quality products to new customers who are entering the honey category with interest in our more sustainable packaging.’

Additionally, the sales success of its honey in the premade Standcup Pouch on Amazon has enabled Nate’s to secure an increase in shelf space at retail stores. Adding one incremental shelf space at Kroger-branded stores and two new shelf spaces at Walmart will allow Nate’s to bring its honey directly to the consumers in an environmentally friendly package. 

‘It’s our role to bring innovation to the honey shelf and kitchens across the country – whether that’s in taste, purity, testing, or packaging,’ said Nathan Sheets, founder and CEO of Nate’s. ‘Our inverted pouches are unique to the market and allow our customers to enjoy our honey with every easy squeeze.’

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Glenroy develops sustainable honey packaging | Labels & Labeling

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