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For one day only, Starbucks is giving away a free reusable holiday cup with certain orders. Pla Lined Paper

Starbucks Red Cup Day: The Full List of Eligible Drinks On Nov. 17 - CNET

It's finally starting to hit me that the holidays are here. One such indicator? Starbucks is offering those free festive reusable cups again for Red Cup Day. Starbucks also launched its line of disposable holiday cups at the beginning of November. Whether you're looking to add to your complimentary-cup collection (Starbucks said this is the fifth year it's offered a reusable cup for the holidays) or snag your very first, here's what you need to know.

Starbucks' 2022 limited edition cups are available Thursday, Nov. 17, at participating US Starbucks stores while supplies last. They come free when you buy one of 14 holiday or fall drinks (any size drink; hot, iced or blended, according to the company). Your drink won't be served in the cup on your visit Thursday, Axios noted.

You can get the cup "however you order," including through the app and delivery, Starbucks said. The company noted the Christmas Blend brewed coffee and Christmas Starbucks Reserve aren't eligible for the promotion.

The 2022 offering is red, with some minimalistic white sparkle and snowflake designs and a white lid. Last year's cup, for comparison, had a slightly different white ribbon design. (I'm still thinking of this fun design from 2020, tbh.)

Starbucks Red Cup Day: The Full List of Eligible Drinks On Nov. 17 - CNET

Paper Cup Blank The 2022 cup is made with 50% recycled material, per Starbucks. If you choose to BYOC (bring your own empty cup) on future Starbucks store visits, you can receive a 10-cent discount on your drink. Starbucks Rewards members using the app can also get 25 bonus stars for forgoing a typical cup.